Sunday, March 11, 2018

Which Should You Prioritize: Your Favorite Hobby, A House, Car, Business, Travel or Stocks Investment?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of new stuff.

I began the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting in October 2017.
I began doing yoga in November 2017.
My first trip to La Union was in December 2017, and I began loving the beach since then.
I began wakeboarding in February 2018.
In the coming weeks, I plan to wakeboard in the open water, do SUP yoga, and try surfing.

Losing weight, feeling stronger and healthier, and being in the water bring happiness to me now.

(I told my husband I wanted to buy a wakeboard, which is quite expensive by the way; but he said I will get bored with it soon, just like the other stuff I tried in the past. In short, it was a NO. Lol!)

Prioritize Which Gives You Happiness

I came through a similar post on the Internet recently, and according to that post, what you should prioritize is that "tool" which will give you self-fulfillment, lead to your purpose, and answer your pursuit of happiness.

Simply put, if you find happiness in owning a house or a car, then prioritize that.

If a business leads to your purpose in life, then prioritize that.

If travelling gives you meaning, then prioritize that.

If having a multimillion stocks portfolio makes you feel fulfilled, then prioritize that.

Travelling Has Always Given Me Happiness

I love going places.

Among those many things mentioned above, travelling will always be on top of my list.

Two of my most favorite travels were the Hillsong Conference in Sydney in July 2016 where I had a more intimate experience of God, and the volunteer caravan to Bohol with World Vision in June and October 2014 where we helped in building houses for the earthquake-affected community.

Personally, I think travelling is both breathing in the beauty of God's creation, and seeing not only what is beautiful, but also witnessing what is real (like people living in poverty) and doing something about it. One of my mentors said, "If you want to know how blessed you really are, tried volunteerism." And yes, joining the caravan did its purpose for me, and for the community as well. If you see an opportunity to volunteer, I highly encourage you to join one, too.

What Do I Do Next?

So, after arriving from Sydney, what do I do next?

Do I work my butt off just to save for future travels? Because according to the post I read, I should prioritize things that give me happiness, right?

Until when will I be working and until when will I be saving just because I want to travel the world

Will my life cycle mantra be "Work Travel Repeat until retirement?"

Honestly, I don't think so.

Learning New Things, Owning a House, a Car, Building a Business and a Multimillion Stocks Portfolio ALSO Gives Me Happiness

The heading above is the reason why I thought of writing this post. 

As of this writing, I still live with my parents in Tarlac, and I rent a 3-bedroom apartment with my husband in Pampanga. I dream of having our own house, too.

I drive a company car, and I dream of owning an SUV, too.

My mother and I run a small business at that tiny space in our garage. I dream of growing it big, too.

I have a stocks portfolio, and NO, it's not of a multimillion worth yet. (We'll patiently get there.)
I have also asked myself which of the many things that give me happiness, meaning and purpose should I FIRST save up for.

And guess what my answer is. If you have been reading my posts, my answer is quite obvious.


My Choice is Building a Multimillion Stocks Portfolio NOW


Because as I grow my money through the stock market even while I sleep, I can use my profits to pay for every new hobby, or fund my next travel, start building my house, as downpayment for my car, and as capital for my dream business.

In a previous post, I used my profits from the stock market to attend the Hillsong Conference in Sydney.

Make Money. Use that Money to Make More. Keep Repeating.

That is my money mantra.

And the stock market is the simplest way to do it. 


Because we simply buy shares of giant companies, thus partnering with business tycoons. Through this, we own a TINY part of their GIANT businesses. And as these companies grow in value, our money grows with it through capital appreciation and dividends.

Last January 2018, I got myself another insurance policy -- an Insular Life Wealth Assure, allocating my funds in the stock market.

As I pay my premiums every month, I get to own shares of GIANT, blue chip companies like Ayala Corp, BPI, Globe Telecom, Jollibee Foods Corp., Megaworld, Metro Pacific Investments, Corp., SMPH and the likes. Think of a blue chip company, it's there in Insular Life's Equity Fund Stock List. These are companies that we all know will only continue to grow bigger over time.

Every month, my stock market portfolio grows without me needing to study and monitor the stock market. Insular Life's fund managers who are backed up with business expertise will do all the work for me -- while I get myself busy doing the things I love.

On any given day, I can educate a friend about money over coffee, or spend lazy afternoons at Pradera Verde to wakeboard, or drive to the nearest beach to unwind.

And note that as my funds increase, my insurance coverage also increases with this policy. Both the protection and financial security from this policy give me that peace of mind every single day.

Material Stuff Only Gives Short-Lived Happiness

In time, I will wake in the pro lake, be able to buy the house, and the car, and the dream business, and travel as often as I want.

But the financial journey will not end there.

I firmly believe that God is using us as a channel of His blessings -- that as we increase financially to fulfill our own dreams, let us not forget to help others and give hope that they can fulfill their own dreams, too.

Let us aspire to live a life that is bigger than ourselves, devote our time, talent and treasure in things that truly matter, and serve in a community.

And these will give us that happiness, purpose and meaning that we have been searching for.

Always remember that the main purpose of wealth is to LOVE and SERVE OTHERS.

Be very blessed!

P.S. Are you considering getting an Insular Life Wealth Assure policy? Send me an email at and we will plan together and work on a "REAL FINANCIAL NEEDS" where money should be at work.

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